The pier.

love this~~>3<

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I feel like I should make an effort to talk to more people here because I don’t really talk to anyone >_>

I can’t stress the fact that my inbox is always open enough, so from now on, I will try and make friends with as many people as physically possible for an awkward turtle???

Heuheuheuheu ^0^


When the hour is nigh 
And hopelessness is sinking in 
And the wolves all cry 
To feel they’re not worth hollering 
When your eyes are red 
And emptiness is all you know 
With the darkness fed 
I will be your scarecrow 

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The Different Types of Simblrs

Popular Simblrs: Normally only reblog and like other popular simblr’s content and are all friends. Normally cause drama. Are mostly kind to their followers.
The Nobodies: Simblrs that are simply unheard of. They don’t have many followers, either because of bad graphics/terrible quality photos, bad attitude, or simply because they need to follow more people and get more involved with the community. Most Nobodies are very kind to their followers and others.
The Friends: Simblrs that are divided into little friend groups, which mostly apply to every simblr that exists. They normally reblog each other’s content often, send asks, etc. They generally make their friendship public.
The Storytellers: These simblrs don’t really play the game. They highly edit their photos and tell stories using their sims. Some stories are innocent and sweet while others are dark and depressing.
The Actual Simmers: Simblrs that actually play the game for entertainment and post gameplay pictures and maybe some reviews.
The CC Makers: These simblrs make CC for all of us to download and enjoy. Some take requests, others don’t. There’s so many CC makers out there, we had to make a s3cc tag.
Simblr Love/Hate: These blogs are normally to send love/hate to simblrs. Normally, they all cause drama.
The CC Finds: These simblrs are just out there to find CC. Are very useful if you're looking for a particular type of CC.
The News Reporters: These simblrs really just report news about the sims.
The Sim Makers: These simblrs simply make sims and post pictures of them, edited or not. Mostly upload sims for follower gifts.
The Background Simblrs: These simblrs are like the Nobodies, expect have more followers. They aren’t popular but if someone mentioned them, most people would know who is mentioned. Normally Background Simblrs are the nicest out of all the simblrs.
What categories do I fall under?
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New Contacts by Igor Grushko

I did not paint these so thank him.

Download Here

Both sims 3 pack and package included in link.


my lil version of ze beloved queen of Arendelle. n w n

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Anonymous: How did you get sienne's nose like that?

Sliders, my friend.

Officially off hiatus again


Two new contacts for release! MY other contacts had 560 downloads I was not expecting that much.


Solid Snake s3pack

Solid Snake Package

Sky bloom s3pack

Sky Bloom Package